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Hanne Hukkelberg – Little Things

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Hanne Hukkelberg

There must be something in the water in Norway, given the amount of truly impressive music emerging from there. Hanne Hukkelberg’s debut album is a prime example – a solid mix of jazz sensibility, instrumental experimentation and whimsical pop. Contributions from fellow Norwegians such as Jaga Jazzist and Kaada only add to the appeal of Hukkelberg’s debut.

Hukkelberg’s voice is soft and beguiling, able to flow effortlessly along the melodies she crafts, from samples collected whilst riding her bicycle around Oslo, to sounds from found objects. The unmistakable hums of a pinball machine, turning bicycle wheels and scratching dishwashing brushes make up just some of her collection of found sounds. Each element is tightly woven into her compositions paired with deft tinkerings on piano, glockenspiel, violin, banjo and accordion resulting in particularly impressive climaxes on songs like Do Not As I Do. Here, her voice seemingly weaves in and out of the melody deftly trying to avoid the beat as she sings cautionary tales – “It’s not possible to teach a kid by preaching / when you do the opposite”.

The initially discordant Balloon gives way to an elegant string section, allowing Hukkelberg to achieve the very best from her voice, sounding like she is tracing the path of the balloon she lost to the sky soaring towards the heavens. Comparisons with Björk are inevitable, and somewhat unfortunate, because Hukkelberg is truly a unique artist deserving of her own recognition.


Written by lexstatic

March 17, 2008 at 6:01 am

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