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POWWOW Series Review (Feral Media)

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Gaining exposure as an emerging artist is never easy. As a listener, finding out about new and innovative music is sometimes even harder, especially when wading though a sea of similar sounding tunes. This is where POWWOW steps in.

Niche Sydney label Feral Media has put together the POWWOW series to show off some of the best underground talent from around the country. Initiated in July 2007, the series of ten releases focuses on left-field and experimental music. Each mini-album only clocks in at around half an hour, providing a taster of a remarkably eclectic mix of artists.

Though each of the releases so far differ wildly in genre and style, there still is a subtle, coherent narrative running through them all. This is music that is easy to dive into headfirst but slowly unfurls into a complex, rich experience on repeated listens.

School of Two begins the series, rumbling along with subtle momentum that highlights the synth-laden electronica underneath their delicate pop tunes. Next up is Cleptoclectics, charting the sonic wilderness of instrumental hip-hop. His release Poignancy Beats Volume Two is a lush, highly dense excursion into the murky world of sample based beats.

Touch Typist cleverly subvert the pop aesthetic through their curious lyrics and easily memorable song structures. Clairaudience take genre-bending precursors like The Velvet Underground and carry their compositions to a new level. Stripped of vocals, their release is full of haunting melodies imbued with distinct catchiness.

Robert Luke’s release is effortlessly charming, featuring guitar jams and bedroom rock mixed up with synths and samples. Melodic and uplifting instrumental electro is the best way to describe his sound.

POWWOW highlights the talent and diversity amongst much of Australia’s alternative music scene. Bridging the gap between artist and listener has just become a little easier.

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Written by lexstatic

May 27, 2008 at 5:01 pm

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